Customer training
Leshan Intelligent is a free to provide users with comprehensive technical training of blowing machine manufacturers.
Practical training
  ● In-place training during installation and commissioning of equipment. ● After the installation and debugging of the equipment, the students will have no less than 8 hours of theoretical knowledge training in the classroom. ● After the completion of the equipment performance acceptance test at the scene for not less than three days of practical training.
Technical courses training
Every year, we will hold 4 technical courses of blow molding machine, 24-30 days each. Customers can apply for the training. The course covers:
● Modern Blow Molding Production Line Integration and Application of New Technology ● Advanced blow molding process and maintenance skills ● Blowing production records, management and statistical analysis ● Advanced case study.
After the completion of all training on the user operator theoretical and
practical evaluation of the operation
Free training, qualification
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