Provide the best process solution according to your product, and provide the complete mold design. Make sure that the bottle cap (injection mold) and the bottle body (blowing mold)
The use of high-precision machining
center processing high-precision molds
● Excellent cooling effect
● Provide free proofing services
● Superb production technology
● Stringent quality requirements
2015, Leshan also introduced long-range after-sales service equipment, plastic receiving and storage
  • Information Management Before leaving the machine, the machine parts drawings will be stored in the machine's computer, the customer can directly access the drawings of these components.
  • Real-time alarm The machine access WIFI or 4G communication, when the equipment fails, in the terminal equipment distribution map of red in the form of red dot real-time display alarm lights.
  • Fault diagnosis Real-time fault information, and analysis of various forms of report processing, to find the optimal solution.
  • SMS alarm Support remote SMS notification and alarm. Even if the boss traveled outside, but also monitor production.
Global after-sales technical support and personnel training, the flow of spare parts warehouseDomestic service staff of 30 people, five foreign service personnel, the domestic market with special service car 12. The establishment of the after-sales service line, vip user accessories warehouse? Library (direct provision of emergency parts processing, procurement and distribution)
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